What’s love got to do with it?

Here comes Valentine’s Day, one of the world’s most beloved and dreaded holidays in equal parts. What’s not terrifying about being single and watching everybody around you suddenly explode into heart shaped goodie bags, or being in love and having to prove it with wildly extravagant gestures? February 14th can be a mission to get through, we get it. 

Thoughtfulness, however whether towards yourself, or your galentine or valentine, will take you a long way. If you’re gonna be your own sweetheart this year, good for you! Light up one of our incredible, air-purifying bee-soy candles and cook yourself a great meal (or order pizza because that too is a form of self-love). The inimitable scented candle is hands down the safest gift you could give to a loved one too. Who doesn’t love a room smelling like fresh roses? We’ve got six scents to seriously drive you into olfactory bliss but the catch is, we’ve only got them in stores for now. Fear not, there are other scented adventures that await you online. 

Enter, the stunning... and we mean stunning... French
unisex fragrance  range of three scents just launched in-store and online as part of the LAMA Life Series.

These are seriously statement, sensual perfumes with staying power of up to 12 hours. They’re all tied for favorites, so there’s no use trying to rank them. Iris & Leather is the mysterious, high-end scent of expensive boutique stores in Paris. Black Oud is tobacco, oud, coffee, amber all rolled into a delicious, sexy cocktail of a scent that’s hard to get enough of on a man or woman. Amalfi Orange is a deep citrus scent with none of the frivolity of usual citrus colognes. It’s got a beautiful twist of sage and pepper that’s kind of dark, familiar and sensual in an inexplicable way. But be warned these are not the usual florals that define the cliches of perfumery. These are the power-suit equivalents of fragrances, they don’t discriminate between man or woman, and we believe they are the future of scents. Get them all, or start with one. Gift it to yourself or anybody you love. You can’t go wrong with these. It's a promise.

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