What’s in a SALE? A lot, actually.

Let’s face it: nothing’s getting cheaper for the foreseeable future. And in the face of crazy inflation, we’ll take end-of-season sales as miraculous little cracks of light in a dark and endless tunnel. Especially when it's a sale on essentials you know you’ll be using long after a season, a recession, and an economic crisis. 

Stock up, cause it’s going to be a while before we see a great bargain again. There are timeless basics like our exquisitely soft and sustainable tencel cargo pants that are great for year-round wearing (they come with matching lightweight bomber jackets too... quite sweet for spring) as well as our bestselling linen paper bag pants that are going to be full-price in spring/ summer! We have our forever favorite puffer jackets and leather boots you’ll be rolling out for your summer excursions up north, plush sweatshirtsand cute sweaters you’ll be eyeing come October.

Cherry on top’s, a killer collection of loafers, pumps, statement sneakers , and heels that aren’t bound by any season at all. At about Rs.10,000, you could pick up as many as SIX different wardrobe and styling essentials.

 A little bit of forward planning will go a long way this year. For those of us who value fashion essentials just about as high as survival basics (guilty, guilty, guilty)... tightening the reins around our wallets could feel a lot easier if we cash in on the rare season-end sale that delivers what it promises: great, timeless fashion that doesn’t break the bank. 

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    Lovely items

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