Sneaker-heads? Nah, jogger junkies

Growing up in 90’s Pakistan, how many times did one actually hear the word sneakers? Approximately never. Sports shoes, sneakers, kicks, everything was all rolled up into one all-encompassing word: Joggers. If the shoes you were wearing had laces on them, well, you were wearing a pair of joggers. A term imported decades ago from northeastern England, this one really stuck. 

Working perfectly with that nostalgic, vintage 90’s vibe, enter the LAMA range of joggers, made fittingly in Pakistan in ethically sourced real leather and suede, painfully fashionable but also a safe bet for less-than-adventurous shoppers.

So far, the joggers are a part of the permanent men’s collection, but due to popular demand, we are mulling over a women’s jogger range too, though the ‘Everyday sneakers’ in real leather are a close second, with super cute color trims to boot.

Fortunately, the jogger range is stuffed full of fun and timeless classics that you can pair with our cotton Tencel jogger pants, any shorts, or a pair of denim. Wear your socks high with your joggers if you’re up to making a style statement this summer. 

Until next time, jog-heads.


  • Kazma

    Good quality

  • Kazma

    Good quality

  • Sabeeh

    I need best traniers

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