Resort wear: That which sparks joy.

Come summer, there’s an influx of resort wear collections dropping all over the world and too few people really understand what it means. Is it beachwear? Is it just cute clothes? Is it prints? It’s all of the above, and more.

Most of us have, in some form, felt the joy of a summer vacation. Waking up in an unfamiliar city with a long day of exploring ahead. Ah, the joy in that feeling. Imagine if clothes could bottle that emotion, if a dress could capture the lightness of your summer holiday, the food, the weather, the countless ice creams. Prints, solids, and cutlines that transport you away from the daily grind summer after summer. That’s the beauty of resort wear. You dress like you’re on vacation even when you’re not.

It’s like the feel of this long, flowy, floral dress or a delicious pair of cotton matching separates with an oversized print, something a little bold, and a tad outside your comfort zone for all the family albums and Instagram posts. It’s this fun printed button-down you can wear as a beach cover-up as you laze, or this long tunic in easy, breathable cotton you can button up or leave open depending on time of day.

For the boys, it’s about throwing caution to the wind, opting for tops like these printed safari shirts that scream laid-back luxury, and are a vision to watch on a windy beach... paired with a spritz of holiday cologne.

For most of us, vacations are occasions that warrant new wardrobes, or new pairings of old essentials for the day. But come bedtime, who wants to wear the shabby night PJs that remind you, inevitably, of work the next day? Nobody.

Enter our thoughtful sleepwear, a cotton set of classic PJs with a loose, airy cotton shirt that’s going to ensure you get holiday feels even while you snooze.

And really, since it’s nearly impossible to afford a round-trip ticket to anywhere these days, we say get your vacation feels right here at home.

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