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People of the boot

We’ve all heard a man’s shoes define his personality blah blah blah, but let it be known that there is a deceiving and universal sex-appeal in boots that may let on more depth to a man’s personality than actually exists. At LAMA, we’re talking leather boots with soul and youth that step beyond the hallowed carpets of your favorite European shoe stores, that are a safer take than the biker boots you were always too afraid to try, and the Chelsea boots you always thought were too classic for you. These bad boys in luxury nubuck, suedes and classic leather have gritted rubber outsoles for sustainability and grip, and will last you year after year. They are the shoe staples that can run with denim, with jogger pants and with more formal trousers. Created in 100% ethically sourced leather in Pakistan, there’s nothing you can say that these boots won’t say better. Just be careful not to raise expectations too high when you walk in. 

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People of the boot