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Oh handbag, my great friend

What is it about a woman’s handbag that’s so expressive of who she is? A close second to a pair of shoes, the bag is the ultimate reflection of your personality, a crucial accessory with multi-purpose functions and so much more than just an item to carry things in. It’s a little bit of this and that, a souvenir-holder where you’ll find lost treasures, old ticket stubs and memories, a friend you’re clutching to your chest on hard days, or marching confidently with on the good ones. The vegan leather bag collective at LAMA this autumn has thought of it all. It’s a little bit of everything, with a size range that will truly have you spoilt for choice from giant, plush Sack Totes to the tiny pastel colored Daisy Minis. There’s the super-classy, statement-making Rex Straw Tote, the very chic Mother-Of-All-Totes, the incredibly versatile Dina Resort Bag, and the frankly stunning ‘It’ Party Bag. And we’ve not even skimmed the surface here! We’ve focused on the hardware too, with quality zips and buttons and space functionality in mind. Almost every piece comes with adjustable straps and two-way wear to ensure you really get the most customised option for whatever you’re feeling. Here’s to making memories and carrying them with you, or forgetting them for a while, only to revisit them and be taken right back. Hmm. Kind of like a dear friend you take on your adventures and travels, leaning on your shoulder, holding all your favourite things. OK, OK. Enough with the cheesy bag puns. We’re going to zip it (LOL). Signing off!



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Oh handbag, my great friend