Laid-back layering: The hoodie

What’s the best part about winter styling? That almost anything goes. Whether you want to call it Hobo Chic or the more politically correct version, Boho Chic-the fact is, in winter you could layer a hoodie over a high neck with a thick scarf and an oversized coat-- and call it good fashion. The pandemic popularized the idea that fashion could also mean clothes we actually like wearing. Clothes that feel comfortable and authentic, within certain color palettes, may now define an entire style generation.

Enter the age-old fleece hoodie, now a fashion staple you could just as easily wear to dinner as well as the supermarket. Few things offer as much ease in styling, comfort, and anonymity if one wants to put their head down and hood up. Wear it with a pair of leather tights and sneakers. Or blue mom jeans and heels. Layer it up with a stretchy high crew top underneath for that little touch around the neckline. Put a winter coat or a classic trench on top to give yourselves an effortless New York influencer vibe.

We’ve got a range of hoodies for men and women in the softest, plushest fleece fabrics. In the black and grey staples of course, but also in deep lavenders and oxblood. Some come with straight cuts, side slits, and oversized sleeves. Some are made completely in vegan fur. It’s a hoodie carnival over here, and we’re excited to see how you fare in comfort styling.

Just please, tie your hair into a ponytail or a bun to avoid the dreaded hoodie hair hump, a most certain fashion fail.

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