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It’s true most of us haven’t been on an actual vacation for longer than we care to reveal, but we’re happy to be prepared in case a spontaneous holiday plan was to miraculously drop out of our wallets and WhatsApp friends’ groups. First travel tip: Don’t hold back on the daily basics when you pack. They’ll be more useful than you think.

Many of us put way too much weight on shopping while on vacation, and though that is always a great idea, it’s best to take your trusty basics along so you’re not scrambling to complete an outfit on the very first day. Like what, you ask? The fundamentals: Camisoles (LAMA pure cotton ones come in three basic colors), bandeaus, at least two tried and tested pair of pants (choose from the LAMA range of bottom-wear), and at least one dress or top for a night out before you’re able to hit the high street. For the airport or long car ride, get into our super comfy, smooth as water harem pants here, that literally feel like you’re wearing air. Who doesn’t want that extra-extra stretch around the waist? Pair it with a cotton t-shirt (we prefer oversized for travel), layer loosely on top with a jacket and finish the look with a pair of LAMA KIX-- the lightweight daily-wear walking sneaker that’s made for travel. Bon Voyage, friend.

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