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Fur Babies

The comfort food equivalent for winter clothing, fur is perhaps the most appetizing apparel in any brand’s seasonal offerings. Soft and plush, these delicious wrap-me-ups come in the form of slouchy coats, jumpers, sweatshirts, jackets and hoodies. It’s everybody’s guilty pleasure-- made much less guilt ridden these days with the arrival of vegan, animal-free fur. Nothing makes a cold winter night warm like a full or mid-length furry jacket you just throw on before you’re out the door.

One of our favorite style revolutions is the expansion of fur outside women to include all genders. In fact, it’s a safe urban basic for everyone at this point, made popular for men by the likes of Marni (retailing for upwards of $3000 in faux fur!), Dolce & Gabbana ($5600!) and Brunello Cucinelli ($6000!). Though we appreciate the trend-setting, we’re feeling a constant and unfair bias towards men when it comes to fur in accessible high-street retail. Well, here we are to change all that.

Our personal favorites at LAMA are the unisex mock neck fur sweatshirts and oversized jackets, and we’re honestly spoilt for choice between our androgynous full length black fur coat and double breasted fur coat classics. Oh, there's a fur baseball jacket too because who doesn’t want one? Frankly, our wish list is endless and luckily, all within affordable reach.


  • Hafsa Aizaz

    I need this fur babies in X Larg size

  • Zainab

    I want to but fur sweatshirt for ke

  • Rabia

    Good things ✨️

  • Mishal Nayab

    I need this in brown 🟤 color

  • Syeda Raheela Kazmi

    I need this fur babies in mediam size

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Fur Babies