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French knots and mirrors: The artisans of Alipur

Under the open skies of South Punjab, Lodhran, a community based initiative called Made in Alipur employed dozens of women artisans to embroider special custom designs on premium linens for a re-introduction of the LAMA native line. A labour of love stretching well over a year, these four fusion pieces are limited edition and meticulously created with attention to detail and design.

The pieces are an interesting amalgamation of minimal classic silhouettes with some modern interpretations, like Moroccan motifs and scatters of mirror sequins (made world famous recently by the likes of fashion houses like Dior). This is utilitarian festive design, functional and wonderful for a summer Eid or soiree, easy-to-wear and style. From a long no-fuss Kaftan adorned by hand with different sized mirrors to a traditional South Asian tunic in pastels, floral embroidery and French knots, this capsule collection is a playful statement for any occasion.

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French knots and mirrors: The artisans of Alipur