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Fashion foresight: Grab next season’s basics from end-of-season sales

The great part of summer end of season sales in Pakistan, is that summer is kind of endless around here. It turns away for about two months and then before you can spell C-O-L-D, it rears its happy head again disguised as spring. In this situation, one must look closely at the silver lining, which is as follows:

Almost everything you get at a bargain price in a summer end of season sale, will not need to be packed away. There are a ton of drawbacks to practically living on the equator, but this is not one of them.

At a western high street basics store, the joy of season-end sales is multiplied. Because brands like LAMA are not really working with lawn or very thin fabrics, their offerings simply travel with you to the next season. T-shirts, knits, and jerseys move easily from summer to winter layering. In all probability, you will not be locking them away in a stuffy suitcase until the end of February with the rest of your lawn kurtas.

Consider the T-shirt range for starters. There are infinite styling possibilities with a cotton tee in the winter. Pair it with a cardigan at its most basic. Let the coats, the jackets, the puffers, the scarves come on. No matter the icing, the base will still be the trusty cotton tee, which is now on a blowout sale.

Next up, long dresses, especially this pleated maxi variety in two prints that we’re hoping to style with adorable jumpers on top. This trend really took Pinterest by storm last year and we’re suspecting it’s here to stay. Just throw your favourite dress on and a loose jumper on top. And for winter finds from last season, our online store has exclusive access to bargain buys from Fall/ Winter ’22.
Happy sale shopping, there’s nothing quite like it.

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Fashion foresight: Grab next season’s basics from end-of-season sales