Comfy glam for party season

Winter took its sweet time to hit, but it’s made a comeback for the ages. We’re looking at 2023 through fogged-up, rose-tinted glasses, asking ourselves if it’s REALLY that important to bear the freezing cold to go hang out with people we haven’t seen all year. Parties? Pfft. This is the era of the couch potato. Socializing is so passe. That being said, there’s some charm in a little holiday wardrobe cheer even if you’re probably going to cover it all up with a final layer so bulky, nobody will see that sweet outfit you wore underneath.

Never fear. There are comfy options for cute outer layers, even for parties. Find yourself a long elegant oversized coat straight out of Paris, or a quilted jacket for that chic, off-duty British royal look. Or this long fur coat robe thing that’s effortlessly glamorous on anybody. Or a cropped puffer jacket in a fun color. The point is, there’s a lot here to choose from.

But our two most favorite looks this season are *drumroll*

A cute knit paired with one of our pleated velvet skirts and a pair of boots underneath, and, our basic cropped top in black with an oversized jacket and wide-leg denim.

For other options: Our stretchy high crew top and our bodysuits come in a bunch of colors and these are a no-brainer, flattering choices for any look you want to dress up this holiday season for comfortable glam.  

Speaking of flattering, our straight leather pants are fleece lined and come in four different colors. We’re especially feeling the dark, dark green styled underneath an oversized knit, with a pair of cute flats or high heels. (Couch potatoes will shun the heels, and we endorse the movement). 

There’s a ton of cute, plush jumpers with balloon sleeves, statement sleeves, off-shoulders, and cold shouldersImagine a look, and go buy! For the ones who prefer to play it safe, grab one of our silky pleated long dresses

Pro-tip: They’re forgiving enough to allow for a whole layer underneath. And if you’re cool enough to pull it off, we’re rooting for a monochrome suit look with one of our blazers and long formal trousers. Complete the outfit with an outer layer in the same color and keep your hair slicked back. There, you get the stylist’s golden stamp of approval. 

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  • Sajida

    I want ladies trousers for winter…

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