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There’s a huge problem in the shoe industry worldwide, and we’re on to it. If it’s not a pair of cute sneakers, it’s near impossible to find a lovely looking pair of shoes that are also out-of-this-world comfortable. The ‘comfort shoe’ category especially for women seems doomed to be bad-looking footwear. And God forbid you want to wear a sweet pair of pumps or a sandal when you’re out of the house, you’ll be coming home with aching feet and cracked heels. You’re so used to it, you don’t even notice your suffering. Well, your foot’s knight in shining armor is actually a matte colored, super soft, lightweight  LAMA MAMA  with a divine cushioned insole. It’s so cute and so comfortable, you’ll ditch your regular shoes forever. That’s kind of a guarantee.


  • Sidra

    Highly recommended brand…i jus love their shoes bcz of comfort

  • Major Seema

    Sir hi I received my parcel awesome 👌

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