Anyone here old enough to remember that wretched low-waisted trend that made its mark in the 90’s and stayed for way, way too long? Catch yourself cringing at old school photos of that low-rise jean in college that made you feel like Britney except you’d constantly be pulling your T-shirt down and never actually sit anywhere for fear of you-know-what? Yeah, we remember.

That’s why nobody, not even Victoria Beckham (though God knows she has tried), could ever coax us into bringing that garment on to a LAMA shelf. We’re fatally allergic to the low rise. We need a pair of pants that can enable a nice sit-down on the floor if the need for a picnic or a dance-off were to suddenly arise, without the horrors of you-know-what. From casual long pants to  formal straight trousers  to pleated skirts, everything we have in store at LAMA is a comfortable high-rise. It’s an embrace in all the right places for all kinds of body types (except perhaps the very petite). Also, we’re big suckers for the French tuck (thanks Tan France, you sweet genius) inside of a high waisted pant and you’ll see it on every mannequin, model and mood-board around here. It’s your instant elevation to miracle grade booty and casual style icon status. Higher, please. 


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