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Anything but basic and that’s the tee

Tired of buying your t-shirts from obscure online brands, or begging a cousin to bring you a couple of your everyday basics from some trip to somewhere? Yeah, we know.

Luckily, we’re in the business of dressing up basics to blow your minds. Who can deny, that at the heart of it, all any of us really need and wear are the same dozen items of clothing over and over again? Let’s run a quick checklist:

Favourite pair of jeans, ideally high waisted, and to be worn every time you wake up with low self-esteem or have a wardrobe crisis before work (approximately five out of seven days of the week).

Organic cotton soft v-neck t shirt for when you get home and want to look just casual and cute enough for chilled out plans... but comfort takes priority, duh.

Cropped cotton crew neck t-shirts, a couple to wear with those high waisted chinos or jeans to show off a good sculpt and a little mid-riff when you strategically stretch (we know, we know).

Oversized t-shirts, for when you reject the entire wardrobe you have spent a lifetime building and your bed is a heap of clothes and absolutely nothing looks good for reasons nobody knows. In that moment you know the only thing that’s going to save your night is to go the full-on casual route: in an oversized black t-shirt, maybe a pair of cute gold earrings, and a decent hair day.

Comfy trousers, like a pair of muslin drawstring pants, for travel. Anything over 2 hours, and we want to be in that plane seat in our comfiest apparel possessions, secretly judging the lady across the aisle who showed up for a night flight in a dress and heels. Girl, why?

The button down, obviously. Tuck it in, tuck it out. Wear it with denim, wear it with a pair of everyday trousers that’s high waisted and cute. Throw on some gold accessories. Is there anything the great button down cannot do?

A cotton printed set in lawn, like this black pair of matching separates, cause sometimes you do not want to spend any brain cells holding a cup of coffee in the morning and drowsily trying to pair an outfit for work.

A comfortable pair of sandals, in a black or a nude or a white, behind which your entire summer shoe collection sits catching dust and webs. Let’s be honest... you bought that gorgeous pair of high heels for imaginary soirees, but its still the mamas you’re wearing... even for nights out!

There’s also that one long dress in your closet you feel your best in. When you’re in a rush and there’s somewhere nice to be, that’s your quick pick. And it never lets you down.

We know you’ve got a little list of your own, but these are our bare, bare essentials. The very skeleton of a basics’ wardrobe, give or take a few. All the things you can’t do without and that you can’t have enough of, despite which, they are

Why is this? How hard can it be to make a nice T-shirt, you ask? Well, it’s harder than it looks we can tell you that.

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Anything but basic and that’s the tee