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A guide to spend wisely in sale season

Okay, it’s that time of year. We’re in between seasons and everyone’s on sale. You’re lost in a sea of discounts and you’re broke too soon into the month cause you’re suddenly buying things you don’t need just because they’re half off. We get it. The temptation to buy that random statement ruffled top in the flamingo pink at 70% off is too much to bear. But we’re here to help navigate the oceans of opportunities before your closet suddenly has too much stuff you just will never wear. Enter LAMA, the basics store. Here’s a quick lowdown of four editor’s picks on our end-of-season sale that you can wear basically through the whole year. 

1. Our Turn-Up Hem Pants in four colors come with a fully elasticated waistband and fit beautifully. They’re flattering and straight, with a nice broad turn-up hem that should linger right above your ankle so you can pair it with heels or sneakers.

2. Our Basic Bodysuit in Pink is the last color still available in our basic bodysuits collection. The flattering rose colored top can be layered up with a jacket or front-open shirt and high-waisted pants in the Fall!

3. Our Summer Palazzos in four super fun prints come in a lovely flowy cotton viscose and are good for year-round lounging. They’re also wide enough to easily layer underneath once the going gets chilly.

4. Our Organo Mama Basic Sandal is the comfiest steal you’ll ever get at under Rs.3000. The deliciously soft LAMA Mamas are cute enough to throw on with a pair of socks well into the new season, and will make a comeback in Spring at full-price! 

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A guide to spend wisely in sale season